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Our Services

Gordion Edge Innovation Labs & Services is a collaborative ecosystem to design, build, educate, demonstrate and deploy innovative technology products and integrated architectural solutions for Gordion Knot Technology customers.

Our Gordion engineers at Edge Innovation Labs helped us develop outstanding edge products by bridging business and technology objectives to drive operational efficiency, our consulting solutions provide tangible business outcomes. Our holistic approach is based on human-centered design expertise. We turn your data into a differentiator as we develop and implement end-to-end solutions.

Financial Edge

Financial Application Advisory Services

Data Edge

Data Science and AI Labs

Design Edge

Embedded, VLSi & ASIC design labs

Gordion Financial Edge

Financial Application Advisory Services

If you are going to stay ahead of the curve and your own schedule, you’ll need to revolutionize finance processes in FP&A, accounting, tax, and audit teams with data science and analytics.

  • Develop a keen understanding of the current analytics state and common pitfalls in finance
  • Leverage major trends and best practices in operational analytics across the office of finance
  • Put finance analytics into action with 10 practical tips
  • Enhance adoption, leadership, and strategy

Our Gordion Financial Edge team can help enabling financial Institutions to compete and win in the Digital Age.

Gordion Data Edge

A innovation Data Science Labs.

Data Science is not Black Box AI. Black Box AI is when the input to AI model is data you have, and outputs are data you want. We let the machine fit itself, so it gives us what we want. 

Our data science consultants are deeply versed in AI/ML technologies, platforms, tools and neural network formulation. We can help you navigate this emerging landscape to assess technologies and solutions, select the right platforming and container strategies, and recognize appropriate opportunities to implement AI and ML for competitive advantage. 

A Data scientist works with data using the scientific method – repeatability, reproducibility, and peer review. He tries to understand the data generating function, the causal factors that make up the generating function, the noise and inconsistencies in the data generation, collection, aggregation, storage, and retrieval. He hypothesizes which variables influence affect outcome, perform experiments to prove/disprove hypothesis by controlling for confounding factors. 

He goes back to the original purpose the data was collected and the analysis performed on it. “….one takes up the problem, as a problem, and studies it from the diverse viewpoints …” and undertakes correlated investigations in different fields to be able to deduce lasting information from little data. Statistics enable us to think clearly about data. Machine Learning offloads some of that thinking. However, tools cannot undertake correlated investigations in different fields to be able to deduce lasting information from little data. That requires a data scientist. Statistics and Machine Learning are just his tools.


Gordion Design Edge

A innovation Embedded , VLSi & ASIC design labs

Gordion Design Edge provides VLSI design consulting services that are the best in the industry.  For every project we take on, we are dedicated to producing results that consistently exceed your expectations and thereby benefit your business operations. Regardless of the VLSI design skillset needed, Gordion Design Edge has a solution with a staff having expertise across the entire range of ASIC design.

Let us provide your company with highly skilled professional engineering design resources. Our design engineers will seamlessly embed themselves in your team and will come up to speed quickly on the unique needs of your project. We can engage for the entire development effort or at key times when you need help hitting those milestones.

For every aspect of your design, we utilize “best of breed” design methodologies. This systematic approach to VLSI design helps us to efficiently create and verify reliable designs that offer first-time silicon success. When providing project management support, our managers develop detailed project plans which track virtually every development task, identifies the critical path(s), and optimizes resource allocation.