Gordion Patterns

Analyzing Relationships

Gordon Patterns is a new kind of database that lets you analyze patterns in data efficiently.

Gordon Pattern stored all graph or sequence data into
a proprietary database that scales practically infinitely

A World of Choices

  • The  majority of the time the problem statement is very constrained with a few permutations and we solve it very quickly
  • As the problem statement grows, however, it is not possible to solve the problem in our minds
  • Optimization functions Maximize or minimize a function within a problem space
  • Combinatorial optimization Finds optimal solutions within a finite set of outcomes while considering constraints imposed by external factors

Challenges with Optimization

There are several commonly utilized optimization algorithms used today

  • Ant and evolutionary algorithms
  • Simulated annealing and tabu search
  • Integer and constraint programming

The Challenges with these approaches are

  • They are very time consuming
  • They often do not provide the best result
  • Difficult to explain why the algorithms reached their result
  • Difficult to incorporate “what if” scenarios
  • Introducing new or change of constraints results in having to re-run the algorithm from the beginning
  • As the problem set grows the algorithms scale very poorly to a point where they can only process a small proportion of the problem set

The Implications

Poor optimization results in loss of significant revenue  

  • Poor business decisions
  • Increased overhead
  • Unsatisfactory performances across all departments
  • Missed business opportunities
  • Increased Opex
  • Logistic errors
  • Increased pressure on workforce
  • Unnecessary business expenses
  • Poor customer perception 


A new platform for Pattern Discovery

Enumerate all solutions that satisfy Constraints and store them in database

Unprecedented scaling capability
Has proven to solve a problem set of 10231 (googol x googol x trillion x trillion x trillion)

Full support of incremental changes & “what if “ scenarios

Provides insight into decision process enabling fine tuning