Gordion Bridge

Endpoint Management Bridge Module 

Industries 4.0 Manufacturing & Industrial IoT

Gordion Bridge is a small device that updates and manages
your modern or legacy firmware from business apps.

Manufacturing & Industrial IoT (Industries 4.0)

  • Manufacturing Operational Intelligence
  • Predictive Maintenance for Manufacturing
  • Asset Health Monitoring
  • Quality Monitoring and Verification
  • Digital Instructions

Manufacturing & Industries 4.0

High Resilient  Reconfigurable Platforms (Infrastructure)

  • Scalability
  • Convertibility
  • Diagnosability
  • Customization Flexibility
  • Operational Flexibility
  • Independent Modular Maintenance
  • Modularity
  • Integrability

One Time infrastructure Investment (Capital)

  • Bankers Friendly
  • Assured ROI
  • Risk Mitigation
  • One Time Regulatory Permissions

Contra Turn Key (Process optimized) By Software As Service (Plan)

  • One-time resource training
  • Versatility
  • Ease of process design
  • Young resources
  • Process Repeatability
  • Process Scalability

A bridge between Capital Budgeting and Manufacturing

One Time infrastructure Investment (Capital)

  • Investors Friendly: Reinvestment proof, for diversification or Upgrading when Asset turns Non-Performing, promoters need not run for reinvestment.
  • Assured ROI: lower the risk factor higher the assurance of ROI 
  • Risk Mitigation: the probability of down time risk, probability of industry risk, Demand and Supply, supply chain process
  • One Time Regulatory Permissions: local/government body regulations like safety and environmental need not be industry specific. Secured forever.
To survive in this new manufacturing environment, companies must be able to react to changes rapidly and cost-effectively. This can be done by a manufacturing system that is designed for changing production capacity as market grows and adding functionality as product changes.


Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems

High Resilient  Reconfigurable Platforms (Infrastructure)

In the current age of intensified globalization, manufacturing enterprises are facing now more competitive pressure than 20 years ago. The challenges of unpredictable market demand, shorter product life cycles, greater product variety, lower production costs and higher environmental regulations, have all intensified. To retain “sustainable competitiveness”, possessing reconfigurability becomes even more important: In addition to rapid responsiveness and lower cost, a higher reconfigurability can lead to a better environmental performance. 
Reconfigurable Manufacturing Platform Principles:

  • Scalability: Design manufacturing system with capacity for cost-effective adaptation to future market demands
  • Convertibility: Design the manufacturing system for adaptation to customer’s new products and ability to transform existing systems and design to suite new production lines
  • Diagnosability: Design  manufacturing system that has ability to automatically read and analyze a system for defects , errors and related platforms
  • Customization Flexibility: Design manufacturing system which should be flexible enough that the manufacturers can upgrade and add new modules
  • Maximize system productivity by reconfiguring operations and reallocating tasks to machines
  • Perform effective maintenance that jointly maximizes the machine reliability and the system throughput
In todays modern factories, Robotic platforms exists, Plant Automation systems exists. The unique value factor is the real-time connectivity between Automation and Robotic platforms which enable robotic platform to go mobile to achieve said features.

A Bridge between RMS and ERP


Gordion-Bridge Technology

Modules is based on FPGA (Zynq®-7000 Artix™-7) with Embedded ARM core processor with a RTOS,

Hardware Accelerators: 
Hardwired Security Crypto Core, Factory Setup Revolving KEY management with on Board Battery.

Modules support Various EGRESS and INGRESS Interfaces

  • INGRESS (Board Side): 
    Interface include I²C , SPIO ,SDIO , MMC/SD/SDIO ,GPIO , RS232, RS485 , UART/SART, ProfiBUs, PWM ,Serial Bus, Parallel Bus, ETHERNET, CANbus, EBI/EMI, USB OTG Instrumentation Analog, supporting Any standard up to 5V Pull Up or Pull Down Interfaces, all Interface are Easy to configure from a GUI connected local or from remote.

  • EGRESS (Network Side): 
    And on the EGRESS side ETHERNET, OPTICAL(SFP), SERIAL, USB, Wireless MODEM ( 2G,3G,4G,5G), Bluetooth, WIFI, ZIGBEE and BLE of possible any two interfaces.

* Note: Device Under Testing (DUT) at client location reason for loose cables

SaS model in Manufacturing

Contra Turn Key (Process optimized ) By Software As Service (Plan)

Future Proof:  Gordion-Bridge provides capabilities to future technological upgrades seamlessly which will accelerate time to market, save money and easily integrate with other systems. The core of NAS-Bridge is based on FPGA which has long lifecycle availability backed by Top five semiconductor companies. Software stack is mix of open source and inhouse plain C and C++ code can be ported to any high-level development tool, This level of versatility gives us undue advantage of reliability and to plug any 11th hour patches when demanded through Kubernetes Container Deployments. All servers and releases patches are remotely managed by Virtualization

Using Gordion-Bridge Manufactures can react rapidly and cost effectively to

  • Market Changes i.e. changes in product demand
  • Product Changes i.e. changes in current product and introduction of new products
  • Reduction of lead time for launching new system and reconfiguring existing system
  • The rapid manufacturing modifications and quick integration of new technology into existing system