About Us

Solving Intractable Problems in Technology

The Gordion Knot is legend associated with Alexander the Great. It is a metaphor for an intractable problem (untying an impossibly tangled knot) solved easily by finding an approach to the problem that renders the perceived constraints of the problem moot. Solving the most difficult problems of technology needs a fresh new way of thinking coupled with technical ability and a stubborn character to see it through.

Human Intelligence is far beyond what AI can offer, but a Human with AI tools can be the right new Paradigm for post digital age.


Every Problem has a solution, we just didn’t find it yet. And the reason for that is we are looking in the wrong place. If we think differently we can find the solution.

Our Products and Innovation

AI technology has been at the forefront of industry & business priorities over the last few years with little result. However, AI tools existed for decades and were successfully used by scientists int their fields. The difference is that scientists knew when and how to use the tools and interpret the results. We bring the same discipline to business.

We include AI and Cognitive capabilities in our products as needed. However, the products are designed like normal technology applications. They are not intended to showcase AI – rather to solve a business problem through the best possible tools.